Hi. I’m John Zehr.

IMG_1326I’m going to make an assumption: you’re here because you want to find out more about me.

I don’t know if I should be humbled, or scared.   😉

Here’s a couple things that might be of interest:

  • I grew up in Ohio and the Chicago area.
  • When I was 19, I moved to Santa Barbara, California. I have lived in a dozen cities up and down the West Coast. My fave is Seattle.
  • I am the inventor of Orbiter World-Class Skipping Stones.  US Patent 4553758.
  • I now live in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • I have a great wife and three great adult kids.
  • I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve never met a creative, breakthrough idea I didn’t like.
  • I am a dyed-in-the-wool network marketer. I fell in love with MLM when I was 22 and I’ve been in and out of it since then. (I’m substantially older than 22 now.)
  • If you want more info about me for some non-nefarious purpose, check me out on Facebook or LinkedIn.

My reason for creating this site is connect with people who love the idea of network marketing and financial freedom, but who don’t quite know how to get there.

If I can help you advance in your MLM career, please feel free to call me. I can be reached by phone at (601) 460-0668, or you can use the form below.

If you choose to contact me, I’m not going to put a hard sell on you or try to get you to join my company. I’ve discovered that there’s more then enough prospects for every one of us, so there’s no need for to try to “get” you. So…call me sometime.

Until then, cheers!

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