The Happiness Bubble

We spend our entire lives trying to be happy, doing the things we think will “make” us happy and acquiring the things advertisers tell us will bring us happiness.

But happiness is not something you get from acquiring or doing stuff. Happiness is where you come from, what’s been called your “ground of being”.

I could be Canadian or I can be a Mexican or I could be American and I’d think of myself as a Mexican or a Canadian or American and it would shape how I thought of myself. I wouldn’t necessarily think, “I’m John, the Mexican”. I’d just have Mexican-ness as part of my unseeable worldview. It would be where I come from.

In the same sense happiness is where you come from, it’s not what you have or do.

I bet that most happy people don’t think of themselves as happy people, they just ARE happy.

I’m often kind of an unhappy person – serious, droll, sarcastic, and kinda closed-down. That’s just where I have come from, the “bubble” in which I exist. But I’d rather live in the happy bubble.

The bubble is not real. If you grow up in Canada, it doesn’t occur to you to ask, “Is this Canadian-ness what I really want?” You don’t even know the Canadian-ness exists. It’s just the way things ARE. Like wearing sunglasses, after you get used to the sunglasses, everything looks normal, not sunglass-y.

So the question is, can I simply choose the happiness bubble? I’m accustomed to the unhappiness bubble. Can I just … change bubbles?

Stay tuned…

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